Are You Cloud Savvy? - Part 1

Organization & Efficiency: Cloud Storage, File Synchronization, and Productivity

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Date:           Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 8:30 pm EST
Presenter:    Michael Starkman
Price:           $49.00
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, 10 days after live event occurs
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On three Wednesday evenings, October 22nd, November 5th, and November 19th, will present a series dedicated to the cloud. If you keep hearing about “the cloud” and aren’t sure what it is, you’re not alone. In a recent national survey, when asked what “the cloud” is, a majority responded it’s either a “fluffy white thing,” the sky, or something related to the weather (29 percent). Despite the confusion, 95% of all the respondents were actually using cloud services at the time of the survey via online shopping, banking, social networking, and file sharing. It’s likely you are, too, so there’s no reason to be scared. The key is to learn what it can do for you, as court reporters, and the answer is a lot!


Reporters can securely store transcripts in the cloud, or can share them with scopists, clients, firms, or colleagues. Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office 365, among others, are all cloud services. Reporters can also deliver realtime transcript via the cloud. Bridge Mobile, for example, uses a private cloud server to provide access anywhere clients can connect to the Internet.


Smartphone apps enable reporters to scan business cards, or even exhibits, and store them in the cloud till they need them later. Or you can use apps for keeping notes regarding the job, due dates, special requests from the attorneys, a spelling list of words that came up, and more.


And you can collaborate online. Google Docs, Office 365, and Eclipse allow reporters and editors to share and edit the same document online. And so on. The list is large and growing all the time. Join Michael, Wil, and Keith for three powerful webinars that help you understand the cloud and how to take advantage of it to make your job easier and more efficient.

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Every reporter needs organization, but the process can be overwhelming. There’s so much to keep track of: job files, notes, audio files, exhibits, dictionaries, formats, include files, and more. The loss of your dictionary can have consequences that are almost unimaginable, and it’s no picnic to lose jobs or audio or anything else either.


Then there’s efficiency. We all want to save time, but reporters will deploy brute force, doing the same things over and over again, because they haven’t learned a faster way to get the task done. Join Michael for this webinar. He’s going to show you how to get it together, how to store and protect all your data, easily and efficiently.

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Cloud services give the reporter a quick and easy way to share files from computer to computer, or from computers to tablets and smartphones. Dropbox is the best known of these, but there are other very good choices. Michael will cover Dropbox in depth, list some alternative services, and cover some very practical applications in the reporting world. For example, a reporter can now create an ASCII or PDF file and have it appear instantly at their reporting firm for production.


He will then turn to services that enable the reporter to back up and store files in the cloud. Imagine the horror of a computer suddenly crashing and you don't have a backup of your main dictionary. What if you have years of notes stored and a transcript from many years ago has been requested? You have a serious problem if you can't retrieve them because your computer crashed, was damaged, or stolen. If you’ve ever worked long hours on a job, only to see your computer decide it was hungry and in the mood for a 285-page daily-copy transcript, you know the pain we’re describing. There's no need to lose sleep worrying about these scenarios. Michael will show you how internet storage and backup systems can give you the peace of mind you need as a reporting professional.


Let's not forget about efficiency. We'll look at a program that lets you add text, open files, send an email, open folders, launch programs and open websites in literally a fraction of a second, shaving countless steps off the process. You’ll enjoy major time savings.


Lastly, we'll cover a couple of additional programs and "apps" that help you with organization. Find information quickly and easily when you need it instead of wasting time searching high and low for it.


Here's an overview of what we'll cover in Part 1:


Dropbox and other cloud file sharing services:


  • Quickly and easily share files from one computer to the other or from a computer to a device. You won't need those flash drives anymore for data transfer.
  • Share audio files.
  • Share ASCII or PDF files to remote devices for proofreading.
  • ASCII files automatically and instantly sent to production department.
  • Agency owners can have their reporters place their completed jobs into a designated folder, helping their administrative staff stay organized.


Cloud Storage:


  • Internet backup and storage solutions: What they are, how to get them, how they can benefit you, and the basic operations of these programs.
  • Automatic and instantaneous backup of your data; now that's peace of mind!


Programs and Applications:


We'll look at three different programs and "apps" that will help you save time, increase efficiency and productivity, as well as help you get and stay organized.


  • One is essentially a key word or shortcut app for 80% of the tasks you do on your computer. The program’s seven basic categories can: Substitute Text, Launch a Program, Open a Document, Navigate to an Internet Site, Send E-Mail, Open a Folder, and Script. You can, for instance, type a few letters and put a note into your calendar, or use it to open up sites you use every day. Create a keyboard shortcut that takes you right to Google, or to open up some frequently accessed folders or frequently accessed files. Use it to fire up an email, or to open your CAT software or other programs you use all the time.
  • Another app is for easy, simple note making on your phone. Reporters can use it on the job in a variety of ways. Make notes from a deposition, such as spellings, questions to ask attorneys, locations of depositions, or speaker assignments. Use it to keep a mileage log, which we all need to keep for the IRS. Or use it for personal things, like shopping lists, to-do lists, or reminders.
  • Speaking of note making, Michael will cover a legacy app that’s been around forever, one that’s loaded on every computer running Windows. A lot of reporters don’t know much, if anything, about this app, and he’ll demonstrate how you can make very good use of it.

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