Windows 10 For Court Reporters

A Two Part Webinar Suite Presented By:  John & Marybeth Everhart & Keith Vincent

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UPorDOWN Windows 10 has created a stir. Whenever something as major as a new version of Windows is offered for free, that's bound to get some attention. Though not universally praised, it has gotten mostly positive reviews. And for Windows 8.x users it promises something many dearly miss, a start menu and start button that look something like those found in earlier versions of Windows.


The result was predictable, which is to say that many, many users have taken Microsoft up on their offer. As of a few days ago, we read that over 200 million users have upgraded. That's an impressive number, especially when you pause to consider that Windows 8 only commands about 41 million users. A big number like that contains within it the knowledge that the upgrade went well for many (perhaps most), but has been a miserable experience for others. It's one thing to have problems on a computer you're using just play games, or surf the web, or check email. It's another to have a meltdown on the machine you use practically every day for your livelihood.


So professionals, court reporters among them, are quite concerned about a safe passage from their current version onto Windows 10. As they should be: Professionals in the reporting community have specialized concerns because they use software that does some very specialized things. Since Windows 10 was released, we've answered so many calls and emails about it, we decided to present a a webinar suite to cover it.


These two webinars are created exclusively for you as court reporting professionals. Their focus will be entirely on the decision process you'll need to make and the consequences of that decision. We'll talk about best practices with CAT software for realtime, with audio, and more. If you're thinking about Windows 10, you should be thinking about this webinar suite.

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